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Our FAQ section is divided into 6 parts:

General, FAQ on toners, FAQ on Inkjets, FAQ on empty Cartridge Program, FAQ on E-Waste and FAQ on printing please refer to the category of interest to you.


 Q. What is an OEM Equivalent or Fully Remanufactured/Recycled Inkjet cartridge?

A. OEM Equivalent Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridge or Recycled Inkjet cartridge (usually for HP and Lexmark inkjet cartridges) is a previously once used inkjet cartridge that has been fully reconditioned,  refurbished then refilled with Ink that matches the original OEM Pigment, Consistency and Color as close as possible, without interfering with any patents or copyrights held by their respective owners. This type of Cartridge Remanufacturing is not to be associated with the “Drill & Fill” operations you might find locally in some of the shopping mall Kiosks etc. these generally use only a few types of inks on many occasions you will see only 6xcolors available to fill all cartridge types. Consider that HP and Lexmark use a different ink for almost every printer they make it is simply impossible to find say one black that is compatible with all printer types. You can be almost guaranteed inferior results in terms of print quality and possibly blocked printer heads etc.

Our high quality recycling procedure uses only once used virgin cartridges. They inspect the cartridge for any visual wear and tear if any signs of this are evident these units are then discarded immediately. The cartridges that do pass the initial test will then be drained and flushed with special cleaning fluid the print head will be checked to make sure it is in perfect condition, then print tested before re-packing the cartridge. This procedure is all done using the very latest inkjet remanufacturing equipment, in a controlled manufacturing environment using vacuum fillers, the finest made in the USA ink. The reasons to remanufacture or recycle the cartridges, especially for HP and Lexmark cartridges are two fold: Economic and Environmental issues. Because these cartridges are usually made with built in print heads and the print head is under the protection of the international law of copyright, no compatible cartridges are legally available. In addition, because these cartridges are strictly price controlled by the original manufacturer, the OEM cartridges are relatively more expensive. Certainly, recycling inkjet cartridges also helps the environment by reducing the amount of the garbage, saving some of the Earth’s resources.

What is remanufactured/Recycled Toner cartridge?

An OEM Equivalent remanufactured Laser toner cartridge or Recycled Laser / Toner cartridge (usually for HP, Canon, Brother and Lexmark laser printers) is a previously once used laser cartridge that has been fully reconditioned, refurbished then filled using the finest equivalent laser toner available. A remanufactured Laser cartridge (any brand), means a cartridge that has been fully dissembled, all critical worn parts replaced with new components (i.e. Drum. Blades etc.), then refilled with quality toner powder and test printed.

These replacement cartridges are as good as the OEM cartridges. We supply these cartridges to 90% of our customers, a list of existing customer referrals are available by request. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and generally refers to the printer manufacturer. All our products are guaranteed and are manufactured to a very high standard. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Q. Will I get the same number of pages from your Remanufactured OEM Equivalent Cartridges?

A. We guarantee you will get at least the same number of printed pages from our inkjet and laser cartridges as you will get from an original OEM cartridge. Our customers are reporting many, many more pages of print per cartridge over their OEM inkjet cartridges. Most of our Inkjet and laser cartridges are High Yield equivalents. Anything between 10% to 50% more pages is quite normal.

Q. What is compatible cartridge?

A. Compatible cartridge is a product manufactured by third parties other than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). OEMs are brand name companies such as BROTHER, CANON, EPSON, HP, LEXMARK, XEROX, etc. The compatible product functions just like the OEM in every way. The major different is the price, you can save up to 70% using compatible cartridges as a replacement of OEM cartridges. For some compatible cartridges, the color may be slightly different from the OEM, but on a whole the quality of output you can expect from a compatible printer cartridge is superb. Some monitor and printer calibration may be required for accurate color profiling. This is just the same as the Original OEM cartridges; they too require monitor, printer, scanner calibration to print accurately what is on screen. As with the OEM, additional reprographic software such as Best software may be required of the discerning graphic artists amongst us.

Q. Would the use of a compatible or OEM equivalent remanufactured inkjet or laser toner cartridges void the printer warranty?   …. NO

A.Under US laws, Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Commission Improvement Act (Subparagraph C, section 101), it is prohibited the manufacturer to void the warranty if the user use compatible and remanufactured cartridge. Canadian customers are protected under the section 77 of Canadian Competition Act






FAQ on toners:

FAQ on Inkjets:

FAQ on empty Cartridge Program:

Q. Are there any fees to join?

A. No!

Q. Do we have to be part of a school or a charity to recycle?

A. No! This program is for every one to use.

Q. How much money can our organization generate from your collection program?

A. It’s up to you. Reach out to as many supporters as possible in collecting empty inkjets, laser cartridges. The more you collect, the more you will earn.

Q. How do we send in our empty cartridges?

A. Please contact our office at 1.800.263.7967 or Email us at for more information.

Q. Can we use our own boxes for packing items?

A. Yes, however, please make sure they are securely packed in these boxes. Ideally we would like you to return all items in their own original packaging.

Q. When do we get paid?

A. For recycling, once we receive the cartridges, we will sort and inspect them after which a donation, credit to your account or check will be issued within 30 days from receiving them.

Q. Is this an ongoing program?

A. Yes. This is an ongoing program you can do month after month, year after year.

Q. Why are you paying us for this stuff?

A. Most brand-name cartridges can be remanufactured and reused. And anything, even after it’s no longer working, can be recycled for its metal and plastic content. This is why we encourage you to send us all your cartridges, even ones that are not eligible for payment.

Q. Where can I get more questions answered?

A. Email us or contact 1.800.263.7967

FAQ on E-Waste:

Q. What exactly is E-Waste?

A. E-Waste stands for electronic waste.  This includes monitors, keyboards, mice, computers, TV’s, phones, and micro-waves. Etc. etc.

Q. Is there a charge for dropping off E-Waste?

A. No

FAQ on printing:



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