Use the pricing file to calculate how much your recyclable cartridges are worth! Our buyback lists are constantly updated and reflect current market values for OEM cartridges.  (Original Equipment Manufacturer)   Although we cannot pay for any damaged and many remanufactured items, you can still turn them in for recycling. There is a $20.00 minimum for issuing cheques.  Cheques valued at equal to or less than $19.99 will be held as a credit until the minimum is reached.  Credit can be used at any time against purchase. An additional 20% will be given should you decide to use the credit.  Pricing for used cartridges is constantly changing and only prices on our web site will be deemed as the final price.  Our printable buy back sheets will be honoured for 30 days after new changes are posted.   Please make sure you have at least 10 units.  All pick-ups are free of charge.  Please E-Mail or call Sherry Oke at 1-800-263-7967 to arrange a pick-up.

Please complete our Buy Back Form to find out what your empty cartridges are worth.

POSTED October 10, 2013