April 15th, 2014

Our E-Waste programs – an overview

e-waste1When a consumer electronics devices reaches the end of its useful life, what becomes of it?  Unfortunately, for many items, they end up tossed out with other household refuse, and end up in a landfill somewhere.  This is bad for the environment!  Why is this?

– Consumer electronics form about 2% of landfill contents but create roughly 70% of toxic waste
– E-waste is the fastest growing form of wate in the world; by volume, e-waste is expected to increase by 8-10%, year after year, for the forseeable future
– Electronics contain a variety of rare earths and elements (lead, mercury, and cadmium, for example) that can and should be recycled and re-used; not only is this economically sound, but it’s good news for everyone that these elements don’t find their way into our land and water

At IMSInkspot, we take recycling of these materials very seriously.  We have two different programs in place, both of which benefit our customers and the environment we share.  Our e-waste program allows anyone to drop off a wide range of unwanted electronics at our location in Newcastle; our webpage gives a detailed list of the types of waste we can accept.

We also have a program in place for customers to drop off unwanted plastic toner and ink cartridges – some of which we will buy back and provide you a credit on the purchase of toner and ink cartridges from us!  If you have a sufficient quantity of cartridges we can even arrange a pick up for you – contact us for details!

Please visit our webpage at http://www.imsinkspot.com/recycling-ewaste/electronics-e-waste/ to learn more about our programs.  E-waste is only going to increase in volume – let’s all do our part and deal with this emerging issue before it’s too late!